Saturday, 10 September 2016

Nanyang Tea Remembrance 南洋印记

Friends often ask: What is 南洋印记- Nanyang Yin Ji ? What is its name in English and its history?

First of all, 南洋印记- Nanyang Yin Ji’s English name is “Nanyang Tea Remembrance”. This is the first time that the name "Nanyang Tea Remembrance" is being presented to the public. 

Nanyang Tea Remembrance is founded by Chanoyu Tea Art to promote the history, culture, art and practices related to tea in this region which is also known as Nanyang and the selection of this name is explained beautifully in Chinese by Pin Yeeh, a very talented young poet. He wrote:








------南洋印记           文:斌奕

Pagoda T-Shirt and rice paper packing - a distinctive mark in Nanyang.
Its translation in English by yours truly:

Nanyang Tea Remembrance

In ancient China, the southernmost foreign part of the South Sea is call the Nanyang.

If you grow up in Nanyang, you will definitely find the remembrance of Nanyang from your surrounding and even from your own self.

-This remembrance visible when you speak Mandarin with a dialectic slang.

-This remembrance is visible when you speak English with a local flavour, such as Singlish and  Manglish.  

-This remembrance visible when you speak highly of Malaysia regardless of where you are.

-It is a mark, a remembrance that stays on forever generations before and after you.  

----- This is my identity, my distinctive remembrance. 

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