Saturday, 3 September 2016


A cascading Wrightia Religiousa 
Another pot of my favourite mini Wrightia Religiousa bonsai arrived today. Accompanying this pot of 40 years old tree that the giver flew in from afar is a note:

“Having devoted my life to my work so far, I should reap the harvest and learn how to live the rest of it properly.  It's time now for trees and grass and growing things – Author unknown”.

Ahh….he is making a statement. To which I replied with a popular Chinese proverb:

一寸光阴一寸金, ,寸金难买寸光阴” (Loosely translated as time is equivalent to gold but gold can’t buy back the time passed.)

I choose this proverb to express my thought - if I am to start planting one today, I will be well near 80 years old before I can start seeing such result or I may not get to. I wish I started to do bonsai when I was young but no amount of gold can buy back the time passed. Hence, my deepest gratitude for having in procession a significant number of bonsai trees that are way much older than me. 感恩。

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