Wednesday, 7 September 2016

AirAsia’s wrong flight plan is just tip of iceberg

AirAsia pilot flies to Melbourne instead of Malaysia after navigation error – The Guardian

Safety report reveals how M'sia-bound plane landed in Melbourne in 2015 – The Star

AirAsia flight to Malaysia landed in Melbourne by mistake – The Australian

Input error caused KL-bound AirAsia flight to land in Melbourne - Malay Mail Online

When one reads the above mind boggling headlines, most will immediately point that such error only happen to budget airlines. In all fairness, such incidents are not uncommon. Full fledged airlines are not spared of such gaffe either and most of the time, they went unreported in the media.

However, before one point the finger and say “ahh….must be the pilots”, think of air traffic controllers too, stretched thin by massive traffic and other challenges.  

To my knowledge, as recent as 25th August 2016, Singapore Airlines flight SQ25 from New York to Frankfurt was diverted to London due to wrong flight plan. The matter is still under investigation.

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