Wednesday, 3 August 2016

An old temple in Teluk Intan

My friend Little Q is in town, joining me for a few days during one of my weeklong pleasure of working from home. Today, for lunch, I took her to Restoran Min Loke for Teluk Intan’s famous assam laksa, one of the three must have lunch-time delicacies when you visit this quaint little town. The other two are the Mastan Ghani mee rebus and Krishna nasi kandar.

On the way home after bowls of heartfelt assam laksa and a little chat with the laksa aunty, I made a stop at the Old Cantonese Temple 广东古庙 to buy a few of my favourite white cotton t-shirts. For the locals, the place is known as 广府庙 or the temple that the Cantonese pray and the Hokkien folks pray at another temple known as Sheng Kong Temple.

The temple was built during 19th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu.
Currently, there are about ten vendors selling all kinds of clothes and shoes surrounding the Cantonese temple but during its heydays, the place was a bustling stop with more than 30 shops and a dim sum eatery tucked in a corner.

In the 70s till early 90s, shoppers from all three races will go there for clothes, shoes and songkok before the festive season. There were two Malay stalls operating inside the compound. One of them is the current Kedai Kain Hamid which moved to a shop house a short distance away. Besides that, this was also the place to go for new school uniforms, school bags and sparking white shoes that will soon turn into muddy yellow with Teluk Intan's frequent flood.

Alas….those days….

While I was waiting for the vendor to search for the shirts, Little Q ventured off to the temple for photo taking. With her permission, I am sharing some of them here and all I can say is that beauty lies in simplicity and we tend to miss it…..till it took another person to guide us there again. 

Thank you very much Little Q for guiding me towards the beauty that I miss in my hometown. 


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