Thursday, 7 July 2016

Falling in love with Wrightia Religiosa

Wrightia Religiosa, commonly known as water jasmine or 水梅 in Chinese was never in my consideration when I started collecting bonsai. Compared to my all-time favourite such as the Juniperus Chinesis, the banyan  榕树) and water jasmine are adaptable to the hot tropical weather hence making them easier to care and shape. Due to these factors, they became the natural choice for bonsai in this region. Besides that, I remember my bonsai master, Uncle Hooi once said that amateur cultivate banyan while the pro deal with the juniper.

Thus, it goes on for years that I am without any water jasmine in the collection as I prefer the juniper challenge. It is in my character that if I am going to get myself into something, let it be something worthy. However, recently,  a few extremely old, rare and well trained water jasmine trees arrived in my collection unexpectedly. Looking at them sitting majestically, with their masculine branches and root, I can only say, I have fallen in love with Wrightia Religiosa, the water jasmine too. I wish I can accumulate more..........but I know the water jasmine that seduced me are not easily available (as rare as you, the giver). What else can I say besides enormous gratitude and thanks.....感恩!! 

Here are the water jasmine trees in various styles that arrived recently:

P/S: All they need next is new pot after acclimatization to the weather in Malaysia having come all the way from afar. 

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