Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mat Sabu’s slap Chinese in the face

Shortly before GE 13, on 12th April 2013, the then PAS deputy president who is now Amanah President, Mohamad Sabu, also known as Mat Sabu during his inaugural ceramah in Kedah said that the Chinese will never be a dominant political force in Malaysia.

 (The Star, 13 April 2013) – The Chinese will never be a dominant political force in Malaysia, even under Pakatan Rakyat, said PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu.

As both MCA and DAP would be vying for the limited number of Chinese-majority seats, they would only be eliminating each other, he said.

Only one would emerge winner in each seat, and the number of Chinese-majority seats remained the same, he added.

As such, it would be impossible for the Chinese to wield greater influence in Parliament, he said at a ceramah in Kupang on Thursday night.

It was Mohamad’s inaugural ceramah in Kedah after PAS announced him as its Pendang parliamentary candidate.

Mohamad also pointed out that Pakatan Rakyat fielded 23 more Malay Muslim candidates compared with Barisan Nasional in the 2008 general election.

Immediately after reading about his statement, I wrote that Mat Sabu’s statement is a slap in the face for Chinese in Malaysia. I agree that while Chinese majority seats will never match Malay majority seats, there are more than 60% of Malay majority seats where Chinese votes are crucial in determining which party that will win.

I had also chastised him for forgetting that it is the Chinese votes that help his old party PAS to lead the short lived government in Perak during GE12. It is also the Chinese votes in urban areas that help PAS to win comfortably in many other seats.

Mat Sabu not only never apologise for his stupid and racist remark that humiliate the Chinese, his buddies in DAP pretended that he had never uttered such thing too. If this is to come from any BN leader, you and I know that it will be sensationalised, politicalised and as usual, Lim Kit Siang will bay for the person’s blood and call for head to roll. 

Fast forward to today, we observe with glee how Mat Sabu is depending on the Chinese votes and the Chinese DAP machinery more than anything else to ensure the survival and the legitimacy of his new party, Amanah. So, Mat, can you now say that the Chinese will never be a dominant political force in Malaysia? But too late-lah, as the Chinese have a saying, 一言既出,驷马难追, when one word is uttered, it is hard to chase it back even by sending four horses.

Why should the Chinese forgive such an insult by Mat Sabu and why must the Chinese continue to be taken for a ride by DAP’s manipulation? All races are an important and dominant political force in Malaysia. Only the hare brained Mat Sabu and his cohorts from DAP subscribe to this type political division to suit their insatiable lust to power and continuous lies to fellow Malaysian.

Hence, I call on voters in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar to reject Amanah and its real boss the DAP and to vote for Barisan Nasional. Mat Sabu, Amanah and the DAP need to be taught a lesson that Malaysia has no place for racist politicians.

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