Thursday, 2 June 2016

A little madness in house

“You must be crazy!” exclaimed my colleague Koh. 

“That place is still chaotic after the earthquake,” commented another colleague, CF.

“Can you buy online?” CF asked.

“Pharaoh will cringe at this,” murmured Koh.

Yes, my dear boss, the pharaoh will definitely cringe at this whole madness. But he will probably cringe even more to know that all I like about the 9000 baht per night room at the luxurious Rachamankha Hotel in Chiang Mai is not the Chinese antique furniture or its outstanding Lanna architecture but a piece of carpet woven with a cute colourful submissive tiger. 

I was in Northern Thailand last week till early this week. During the Chiang Mai leg of the trip, pharaoh had generously booked for us to stay at the Rachamankha upon the recommendation of another colleague and after a little research. “JL will like the antiques,” he told Mrs Pharaoh. However, it is very unfortunate that the antique furniture, porcelain and stone carvings that adorn the whole hotel are not the piece de resistance compared to those in pharaoh's abode or those in my collection. The room is itself quite a let-down because I’d expected it to come with a nice bath tub for soaking and the shower area itself is very small too.

The one !! 
All the shortcomings of the hotel, including its poorly trained front desk staffs, were quickly forgotten the moment I spotted the tiger in the room. I was smitten by the tiger! A quick google search for “tiger carpet” lead me to eBay and some online boutiques. Arghh….but again, me being me, someone who don’t trust online purchase except for books, hesitated. Another search traced the carpet’s origin to the Tibet/Nepal region. 

When I was in Tibet in 2010, I do not recall seeing any carpet with this tiger otherwise I would have bought it. During that summer in Tibet with daddy and mummy, I bought two carpets, one of which is still adorning the entrance to my study in Mental Cultivation Studio.

In the office yesterday when I wonder aloud my thought of going to Nepal for the carpet, my colleagues thought that I’ve gone insane. Yes, unbeknownst to many, besides the madness for bonsai, books and tea, I am crazy about carpets too, especially the Persian and Tibetian. And yes, flying to Iran is one of my to do list for 2016! 

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