Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mummy, I love you

Mummy and I in Melbourne, circa May 2016. 
Despite the many visits and long stay over the years in Melbourne, I have to confess that although I know the streets of Melbourne and the suburbs at the tip of my fingers, I am completely hopeless with the tram routes. I prefer to walk within the CBD and drive to the suburbs, thanks to the convenience of the location of my residence and having a car at my disposal.

Not much thought was given to this weakness of mine till mom mentioned that she want to take a ride on the tram around the city a few nights ago.  I hesitated for a while because I do not want to be taking the wrong tram plus it was during the rush hour yet at the same time, I do not want to say no to mom. Tactfully, I told her that we will be taking the tram but only along Swanston Street and Flinders Street till Southbank. Though it was only a short ride, mom was delighted. The smile on her face after the tram ride is still vivid in my mind and will remain there forever. 

A "wefie" took during the tram ride. 
I am sharing this story because there are many little things that we can do to make mom happy and to show our love but more often than not, we tend to miss it.

I love you mummy. Happy Mother's Day! 

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