Saturday, 9 April 2016

Home doctor, silk cotton tree leaves and gastric

Since returning from Perth, I’ve been working from home after two bouts of terrible gastric attack that happened out of nowhere. The attack made me confined to the bed most of the time. It even made reading a little impossible.

Silk cotton tree leave from mom's backyard
Seeing that my condition doesn’t improve after popping pills prescribed by the doctor, mom started to be the “home doctor”. More often than not, she will mention that this or that plant have curing effect on a host of illness or prevent cancer or heart attack and blah blah blah and the sceptical me will listen with without even bother to register anything in mind. Sometimes, I will retort that all those are scientifically unproven. To cure gastric, the home doctor prescribed that I should drink the water from the boiled silk cotton tree leaves.

When asked how effective the silk cotton tree leaves are in curing gastric, mom gave a list of friends and relatives that was apparently cured not by doctor but by drinking this water for a few days. No harm trying, I told myself. I then asked where the silk cotton tree leaves can be obtained. “The garden next door,” she replied, referring to the little planting spot next to our house where the maid and she plant a host of unknown trees and herbs.

Silk cotton tree drink - pleasant drink

Miraculously, within a couple of hours after drinking the boiled silk cotton tree leaves, the pain started to subside. I was told to treat it as drinking water and I duly follow.  The drink is not bitter and it doesn’t come with a strange smell like the traditional Chinese herbs. After drinking it continuously for 5 days, I am glad to announce that I am fully cured. 

When I share this with a friend, he said that I should blog about this silk cotton tree leaves that can cure gastric for the public’s benefit. Interestingly, when I Google “silk cotton tree leave”, I came across articles that glorified it not just for curing gastro related illness but for treating erectile dysfunction as well. On another website, it is listed as being used for contraception! Aha…the herbal Viagra and herbal contraceptive pill!! I am yet to find out.....volunteers, anyone?


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