Sunday, 17 April 2016

Chinese tea setting - the journey 茶席之行

Since being introduced to Chinese tea setting by the masters from Chanoyu Tea Art in Kuala Lumpur, my friend Queenie and I have taken a great interest in studying the every details of it. We ask plenty of questions that came across our mind. We probe every possibility of making the Chinese tea setting artistic yet pleasant and full of fun. And of course, we took a lot of photographs to gauge our learning process. Amidst these, we then realized that learning Chinese tea setting is not as simple as putting  the purple clay teapot here, the cups there and some utensils in between. It is actually a journey……

Queenie and I have just taken the first few steps into this journey, and we welcome you to join us alongside the tea masters from Chanoyu to discover the true art of Chinese tea setting, its history and wisdom.

For fun, Queenie and I did some Chinese tea setting at home. After trial and errors, we are pleased to present our humble work of art as well as the master's work for comparison. 

The tea master's work - simple and elegant Chinese tea setting. 
Now, take a look at our creation, please don't laugh, we are still learning....

Making use of what I have at home. 
I used a calligraphy practice sheet in lieu of table cloth or mat.
Queenie's Chinese tea setting art: 

Making good use of her beautiful old porcelains.
Another of Queenie's more simplified Chinese tea setting

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