Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Why exposing one to the sun rays during solar eclipse can bring bad luck?

Last evening, a close friend WhatsApp-ed an advice to stay indoor between 9.30am to 11.30am on 9th March 2016 during the solar ellipse as advised by renowned feng shui master Joey Yap to prevent bad luck. This is the first time I heard of such advice and I am curious. Why exposing one to the sun rays during solar eclipse can bring bad luck, I asked him. He can’t provide me with an answer but directed me to Google instead.

I spent close to two hours going through articles available online that can help to answer my question. However, all that I’ve got are myths from various religions and cultures that points to solar eclipse as an inauspicious omen but nothing to explain why watching the solar eclipse or being exposed to the sun rays during the eclipse can bring bad luck.

On, renown feng shui master Lilian Too wrote:  Although solar eclipses are rare natural phenomenon, we would like to advise everyone to avoid being out in the sun at all cost as directly seeing the sun being obscured can be very harmful and bring bad luck to those who observe the eclipse or who are exposed to the sun rays. On another blog, I read that Joey Yap mentioned about a minute exposed to the sun rays is equal to one year of bad luck.

Imagine the number of years of bad luck that will befall a person if he/she is going to observe the whole ellipse that is going to take hours? Though I am an extremely superstitious person, I still can’t find the logic in having 100 years of bad luck if I am exposed for 100 minutes. Will this curse be brought forward to the next life if I am indeed being cursed for 100 years of bad luck? This whole notion of “bad luck business” does not hold water to me.

It is reported that starting phase for the ellipse will begin around 7.20 am, reaching maximum phase around 8.20 am before ending around 9.30 am depending on one's location in Malaysia. In Singapore, eclipse will begin at around 7.22am, 10 minutes after sunrise. The point of maximum eclipse will be around 8.23am and the eclipse will end at 9.33am.

However, back my question of how will this thing bring bad luck, I hope that someone who is an expert in this matter can provide an answer that will definitely be beneficial to curious ones like me. Is it due to the negative energy released by the cosmic force during the ellipse? Or because it is said that solar ellipse is harmful to the body? Or…actually no one know the precise reason why exposing one to the sun rays during solar eclipse can bring bad luck?

And, the kiasu me will stay indoor. 

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