Sunday, 28 February 2016

The mythical bonsai

primus inter pares tree.
Can you guess the mythical creature that this bonsai bear a resemblance to?*

Initially, I do not have any intention to “share” this special pot of bonsai that ended up in my garden two weeks ago but after much begging and pleading from my dear colleague, Aloysious Ng, I have a change of mind. After much to and fro between us, he is right that a rare and beautiful pot of bonsai should be shared for everyone's viewing pleasure. 

Originally trained as for twisted trunk shape, this Juniperus Chinesis tree was later reshaped to become a literati tree before ending in its current semi cascade form. This tree also encompass other elements in styling a bonsai such as exposed root, the jin and sharimiki. It is one of its kind among the many Juniperus Chinesis that I have. What a rare pot of bonsai! 

If you like this pot of bonsai, please thank Aloysious Ng for his insistence to “kepo” (be a busybody) about this tree and the bonsai master for his wonderful creation.

*answer: the Chinese zodiac of Aloysious's and mine’s big boss the pharaoh  

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