Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The many views of a bonsai tree

According to Alex Kerr in Lost Japan, a master is said to meditate for years before deciding on how a bonsai tree should be shaped. It would then take many more years of continuous meditation before deciding where should the tree be placed. In all, ten years would have easily passed before a beautiful pot of bonsai tree be presented for viewing. However, the it does not end there for a tree must be viewed with equal satisfaction of beauty from multiple angles.

Thankfully, over the years, with invention of many modern tools, the shaping of a bonsai tree do not have to go through the many stages of perfection that an ancient Japanese master went through. Nevertheless, shaping of a bonsai tree still requires maximum amount of patience and the ability to envision mother nature’s dictation.

It isn’t easy to play God with the bonsai trees. Too much and too little of everything that is needed to shape the plant will only result in its the premature death. I am still learning the many curves of bonsai shaping and caring from Uncle Eng Hooi but today I am proud to present a cascading Juniperus Chinesis that both of us created and its various view from different angle.

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