Saturday, 9 January 2016

Lau Keng Ee, is Chan Swee Teik showing something fake?

Chan Swee Teik at a press conference. 
YB Lau Keng Ee, the DAP state assemblyman for the constituency of Pengkalan Kota in Penang who is recently involved in the incident of failing to pay off a loan made to him by businessman Chan Swee Teik is someone I considered an old friend and foe whom I knew since my DAP days. He joined the DAP more or less around the same time with me. Back then, Lau Keng Ee was into some computing business and at the same time serving as constituency assistant to Chow Kuan Yew. We were active in DAPSY Penang alongside Koay Teng Hai, Lai Hon Meng, Tan Han Wooi, Teh Lai Heng and Yeoh Soon Hin.

In the 2004 general election, Lau Keng Ee contested for the first time in Pengkalan Kota against Lee Hack Teik before beating Lee in the 2008 general election. The Lau Keng Ee that I knew back then was an honest and amicable man albeit having a maverick tendency. After all, which politician are not maverick in order to survive?

I wasn’t surprise at all when the press reported of Lau Keng Ee’s denial of ever taking a loan from Chan Swee Teik. Or even if he did take, there is nothing wrong with an elected representative taking a loan from someone. During my time in DAP, YB Phee Boon Poh is the main contributor to the party’s coffer in Penang. There were also times when the late Tham Weng Fatt took a little loan from me or other party colleagues which he later paid.

From Lau Keng Ee, for what purpose?
Now that Chan Swee Teik who is also known as Jackie have shown the two cheques signed by Lau Keng Ee and a few photographs to assert his claim that Lau did in fact took a loan from him or whatever the story goes, I hope Lau can come up with a better explanation.

Besides asking for Lau Keng Ee’s answers, I would also like to ask, assuming the two cheques shown to the public by Chan Swee Teik is indeed real, why is Chan Swee Teik keeping two uncashed cheques dating back to 2014? As a collection? Lau asking Chan not to cash them because there is no money in the account? Chan waiting for something else?

Why is Chan Swee Teik not cashing them ?
It is also said that Chan Swee Teik provided a luxury car for Lau Keng Ee to drive but I hope it is only hear say but to ensure transparency that is the core value of DAP's fight, can Lau Keng Ee please answer this allegation too? And what about the threat to sue a Penang based Facebook page? 

Silence is not always golden.

P/s: Chan Swee Teik, during the press conference mentioned that Danny Law Heng Kiang knew and heard of his demand to Lau Keng Ee to settle the debt, so Danny, what you have to say? I hope you don't tell the people that this is not your father's money so you have no right to ask. 

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