Monday, 14 December 2015

The craze for Shell’s Ferrari LEGO set

Yesterday, 13th December, marked the end of Shell’s Ferrari LEGO bricks promotion in Malaysia with the release of limited edition Shell Tanker model. It was the second time that Shell roll out LEGO bricks for miniature Ferrari cars to commemorate Shell’s longstanding partnership with Ferrari.  The first time Shell ran the promotion for the LEGO Ferrari collection was in 2012.
The long queue.
Back then, the promotion came and went without much fanfare. There was no long line of queue at the tick of midnight to pump petrol or buy lubricant, disappointment curse from customers, banging of the cashier counter and unruly incidents at some petrol stations that police had to be called. Those cute miniature cars was available even when the official promotion ends. For some petrol station operators, there were still so much sets left that they were given away as gift to friends and relatives and to customers who purchase the lubricants. I do not recall receiving any phone call from friends and the only call that mom’s secretary ever received was from me asking for favour to reserve the LEGO sets.

The 2012 set.
However, this round, we have been receiving numerous calls from friends and strangers alike. Mom’s phone rang almost nonstop on Sunday. For mom’s secretary, she have been receiving calls from strangers who claimed to be personal friends of my mom and dad. The funniest of all calls received was one from an unknown person claiming to be my late daddy’s best friend and not knowing that daddy passed away more than a year ago. What a very best friend indeed!

Certainly a better looking set compared to 2012's 
I guess that this craze is probably attributed to the spread of news that this will be last chance to get a Shell Ferrari LEGO set as Shell had ceased cooperation with LEGO. As for myself, I did not ask for any set, the craze didn’t hit me this time, though knowing well that four iconic Ferrari cars, a special limited edition Shell Tanker, a Finish Line podium and a Shell Station in its casing were modelled after the one at Fiorano circuit, Scuderia Ferrari’s private racetrack in Maranello, Italy. The main reason is because I still have not assemble those from 2012 as well as the other sets bought in Singapore since 2007! I doubt I am a procrastination queen but I have to agree to the fact that, except for reading and writing which is a very solitary pursuit, things are more fun when it is done together with someone.

Found this advertising online. 
Nevertheless, the craze for Shell’s Ferrari LEGO bricks in Malaysia will still be around for a while before waning off, just like McDonald’s Hello Kitties of recent memory or Dutch’s Tulip Mania. From 1634 to 1637, the price of certain tulip bulbs exceeded their weight in gold. Already, there are people advertising to re-sell a Shell tanker for RM 100.00 and a whole set for RM 500.00 

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