Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Shaping my mini juniperus chinesis trees

This evening, or should I call my morning, as I am still adapting to Europe’s time zone despite being home for few days, I head out to the garden for my dear bonsai plants. It is time to prune, shape and transfer the little bonsais in the backyard into a proper pot. I selected 3 mini juniperus chinesis. After working on them for a little more than an hour, they are ready to join the other bonsais on display at the balcony, a place I call my mini paradise.

My only hope now is for them to grow healthily in these little pots barely the size of my palm. When this region was blanketed by haze for the past few months, I lost 7 mini juniperus chinesis. They just mysteriously turned yellow and died a slow death despite the twice a day “bathing” ritual. However, I am thankful that the other bigger trees survive the harsh weather. Survival of the fittest taking place right in front of my own eyes!   

Here are some of my “artworks”, before and after :

1. The broom tree

2. The informal upright tree

3. The windswept tree

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