Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The idler’s way (闲人道)

闲人道The Idler’s Way

数 几
件 个
可 有
流 见
传 识
趣 高
事 人
消 论
磨 说
岁 古
月 今

Knowing of my interest in Chinese calligraphy, a China based client of mine gave me this couplet (对联) recently to add to my collection. This couplet’s beautiful calligraphy is by Chen Rishen, one of the many distinguish members of China National Calligrapher Association based in Beijing. I name this couplet “The Idler’s Way”; for its casual yet meaningful exhortation of what we can/should do during our idle time.

The first 12 words in it exhorts its reader to do meaningful things during one’s lifetime that can be passed on for generations to come while the next is about the setting up meetings of minds to have discourse on current and historical issues when one have some idle time to spare. Thank you very much to Mr. Zong for this precious gift as well as the many life plus business wisdoms that you generously share with me.

This couplet is now prominently on display in my room, flanking a painting of an abstract dragon. 

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