Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mirrors of myself from 2008-2015

Strangers and those who do not know my age will usually come to conclusion that I am either still in university or a fresh graduate despite me having graduate some 10 years ago. 9 years ago, 6 years ago, 4 years ago and even recently, they kept saying the same thing that I look so young. Another irony is people kept thinking I am still a chambering pupil! I am so used to that now but I will keep asking myself: Do I really look that young? No. I do think the youthful look is no longer there.

Since 2008, I have been visiting Beijing every year due to work as well as my long standing fondness for this City and here, I discovered the gem that was to steal my heart and lure me back with its old world charm and architecture, so magical and alluring. It is also in this city that craftsmen, artists, rulers, warriors, current and long gone, bestowed the world with one of the greatest treasure known to man.

For some strange reasons, Tiananmen Square holds a special place in my heart and made it a point to have a photo taken at about the same spot near Tiananmen Gate to see the change of my outlook and the place. Alas, the gate didn't change much but vicissitudes of life are evidently shown when I compare then and now.

P/s: For many reasons, I think I am starting to have "China Lethargy" and it will probably be many more years before my next visit to Beijing if it isn't for work purpose. 

Circa 2015

Circa 2014

Circa 2013

Circa 2012

Circa 2011

Circa 2010

Circa 2009
Circa 2008

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