Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The silence

Enjoying a cup of Dragon Well tea at Shifeng, Zhejiang in between the hectic schedule to make the world my oyster. 

Yesterday, a close friend and follower of this blog asked why I have not been blogging lately. I replied that I have been busy with work and back to back travelling. Besides that, I’m in the opinion that there has been a surge in keyboard warriors that comment and blog on everything and anything related to the socio/politico development in Malaysia in the last one month.  

Thus, it is best to leave the space for the keyboard warriors to take over because I understand that while majority are angry Malaysians and they need a channel to voice it out, there are equally many whom see the need to spin information to meet the demand of their masters. The cyber sphere has gone into a battlefield between real and artificial information. Needless to say, the creativity of those who are involved doctored pictures and spins can rival those in the professional advertising industry, filming industry as well as creative writers.

At this moment of insanity, it is best to be practical. Instead of complaining and whining about the billions in Najib Razak’s account, why not just turn up at the Bersih 4 rally to demand for accountability and a clean government from BN lead government as well as from DAP, PKR and PAS led state governments. Instead of being “keyboard economist” commenting about falling ringgit, why not just look for the pasture beyond Malaysia to earn Singapore dollar or US dollar or Pound Sterling. There is no excuse that the barrier out there is too high. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Isn’t the newly minted Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia had for very long ago told Malaysians who don’t like the systems in Malaysia to GET LOST! Aside from that, the Prime Minister himself told Malaysians that world is your oyster when visiting United States many years ago. It is a joy to be looking at Malaysia from afar. To some degree, I felt that being in foreign country made me appreciate home even more. I sang the national anthem – Negaraku even more often when I am in foreign country than I do in Malaysia. Then, be sure to come back to vote and during festive seasons!

The convenience of keyboard has also made many people victims of racism, real and imagined. It is well known that one Minister in Malaysia by the name of Ismail Sabri Yaakob is one such famous victim. Ahh….And that man, Ridzuan Tee Abdullah who lost his sense of identity because he can’t decide either he is actually a Chinese or Malay or a Malaysian. Instead of falling victim to the demon of racism, why not visit our friends from other races even more often for the tarik and roti canai than usual to prove racists wrong?

All these, explains the silence……the silence from the sound of keyboard tapping.

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