Saturday, 26 September 2015

Peaceful Petaling Street on 26/9/2015

@Petaling Street
I’m just back from Petaling Street. It is quite business as usual there today despite the threat by Datuk Mohd. Jamal Yunos, Ali “Tinju” and certain ultra-Malay NGOs that demonstration and riot are bound to happen. The reason for the need for Jamal and his gang to demonstrate at Petaling Street varies every other day and depending on which news outlet that one reads.

Close for the day.
At the end, the only conclusion that everyone know is that the demonstration is needed purely because Petaling Street is associated with the Chinese traders. Tourists and fellow Malaysians shun Petaling Street out of fear. Business owners around Petaling Street are angry. Instead of closing up businesses to accommodate the threat of demonstration and riot, the traders are having business as usual. According to the conversation that I heard from the tea shop at Jalan Sultan, the traders are not hesitating to fight if the need arise and they can’t be closing shops all the time.

Heavy presence of media and the police force.
I started my noon at Petaling Street with having chicken rice at Nam Heong. The restaurant manager told me that they do not prepare as much steamed chicken and other roast products as they are prepared to close shop early in case any chaotic incidents happen. I then proceed towards the stalls in the main vicinity of Petaling Street. Most of the shops except those selling food are open. There is a heavy presence of policemen and journalists. I bumped into an old journalist friend, Raymond who used to be with 8TV but have since move on to Oriental Daily.

So glad to meet Raymond. 
After the stroll, I proceeded to Chanoyu Teahouse for tea and chit chat just like any other afternoon whenever I am in KL. There, I was told that DAP Supremo, Lim Kit Siang visited Petaling Street in the morning.  I was asked why MCA President, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and Gerakan President Datuk Mah Siew Keong don’t bother to show up at Petaling Street to show solidarity with the traders. I answered that different leaders have different ways of getting things done. I’m also in the opinion that Prime Minister Najib Razak should visit Petaling Street after his return from overseas to send a strong message that he is not out of touch with the people and weak as perceived by the masses.

Interviewed by NTV 7.
At around 4pm, I head home as the haze is going from bad to worse. I am felt that I am threatened more by the haze exported from Indonesia than by Jamal and gang over demonstrations and riot. The morning and afternoon of 26th September 2015 is peaceful at Petaling Street. 

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