Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Kamquat tree in the garden

I took a stroll after dinner in the garden and saw this pot of Nagami kumquat tree that was trained since it was a shoot to become a bonsai tree. Since arriving to our garden from Uncle Hooi’s place, this is the first time that it is producing fruits. Fruit by fruit, I counted, there are 12! A rare feat for such a small plant.
An auspicious omen, I said to myself, at the same time, agreeing with John Ruskin’s quote that nature is painting for us, day after day, if only we have eyes to see them…


  1. Was this written by you? If this is true, this Danny Law should be dealt with. PR should not be like Barisan.

  2. Hi Daniel Ng,

    Yes, I wrote the blog in English, can be read at http://jadrynloo.blogspot.my/2015/05/danny-law-heng-kiang-what-is-your-sons.html?m=0 but the translation into Bahasa Malaysia was not by me and done without permission from me. Neither do the admin of the blog inform me about it.

    Nevertheless, to show that DAP walks the talk of transparency, Danny should just share with us his son's success story.