Thursday, 17 September 2015

Datuk Md Jamal Yunos should migrate from Malaysia too

In 2014, I’ve issued a challenge for retired Court of Appeal Judge, Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah and his like-minded friends  to migrate to another country if they do not like the system in Malaysia that have been enshrined in the constitution.

Today, after his so call “successful” Malay rights rally with its racist demands that ended with a ruckus, I am issuing the same call to Datuk Mohd Jamal Yunos, one of its leaders to migrate from Malaysia. This call is actually in tandem with the exhortations of the Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister, Jamal’s Dear Leader No 2 in UMNO, who call on Malaysians who don’t like the systems in Malaysia to migrate.

Instead of losing sleep over the barbaric and insane demands of Jamal and his gang, worrying about another racial riot of May 13, having headache over how to soothe their voters and many more unnecessary qualms such as how and when to charge the Red Shirt gang for sedition and disruption of public order, UMNO and Barisan Nasional leaders can take the easy way out by exhorting Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmah Zahid Hamidi’s call for them to get lost from Malaysia!

The successful millionaire who is not happy.
There is no worry that there won’t be any other countries that have a system that suits the demands of Datuk Mohd Jamal Yunos and his gang. With their talented skills, especially in organizing mobs, in creative distortion of facts, in making up numbers, in  whipping up fiery speeches, in interpretation and manipulation of laws and most important of all, in being the lackeys that can be bought easily, many despots will actually wish to have them as citizen. They are a good bunch to have, and all ready to serve the ends of whoever that can dish the money out, but it is just unfortunate that the systems in Malaysia cannot accommodate them unless a wholesale change in Malaysia’s constitution can be done.

Besides that, after putting in many factors, including His Royal Highness The Sultan of Johor’s royal rebuke for racists, I still it is easier for Datuk Mohd Jamal Yunos and his gang to migrate than to demand for trading plots in Petaling Street as reported. Petaling Street is called the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur but in actual fact, you see more Myanmar hawking souvenirs, running the restaurants and do about anything than a Malaysian Chinese actually does. I have long suggested that Petaling Street should be renamed to Myanmar Street.

I do not understand why Datuk Mohd Jamal Yunos would want trading plots in Petaling Street and rubbing shoulders with the “pendatang” and “penumpang” that eat pork and whom he deemed as pigs. The only understanding that I get is that he just do it for the sake of trouble-making because Petaling Street is deemed "Chinese territory". According to his blog, he is a successful millionaire entrepreneur who owns IBM Automobiles with branches in the United Kingdom, Sekin Hotel and Resort, Sekinchan Ikan Bakar and many more. 

So, Datuk Mohd Jamal Yunos, I will suggest it to you to discuss with Ridzuan Tee Abdullah, Datuk Mohd. Noor Abdullah and another notable alumni in the list of racist, who is none other than former Chief Justice of Malaya, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad on the best ways  of group migration from Malaysia because the systems in this country is not to your liking even though the system through its unfair policies made you guys millionaires and top officials.

You guys can perhaps discuss with Tan Sri Tony Fernandes for chartered flights because none of you have branded Air Asia as un-Islamic. Maybe, you will be uncomfortable with the fact that the big boss of Air Asia is not a Bumiputra but it is still better than flying with the un-Islamic Malaysian Airlines that serve alcohol on board and you are paying the fare for alcoholic drinks to be served on board. Just in case that you do not like seeing their stewardess dressing up sexily, you can request for them to cover up from head to toe just as what they did mandatorily for their flights to and from Jeddah. And you know what that their stewardess have in common with you guys? They wear red too! I fully understand your allergy to yellow that is Bersih and green that is associated with the annoying PAS. 

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