Friday, 18 September 2015

Black Thorn Durian Mooncake

Arrrghhh…..Bridget Su!! You just made me go crazy over this picture. The heavenly limited edition snow skin black thorn durian mooncake by Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore is one of the hardest foods to resists alongside their cempedak mooncake. For many years in the row, moon cakes by Goodwood Park Hotel have consistently ranked one of the best in town, and it is certainly worth the premium.

A pair of limited edition snowskin black thorn 
First introduced in 2014, Goodwood Park Hotel is the only establishment in Malaysia and Singapore (or perhaps, the only one in the world) to produce the black thorn durian mooncakes. A box of 2 black thorn durian moon cake costs SGD 54 while 4 for SGD 88. The cempedak moon cake is slightly cheaper, costing SGD 38 and SGD 65 respectively.   This weekend, I think I will sleep dreaming of the moon and the cakes…duh! And I can't wait to be back to the Lion City on Monday to indulge myself. 

Thank you very much Bridget for the black thorn durian mooncake, It melts in my mouth.

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