Thursday, 6 August 2015

And the saga continues…

History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies. -  Alexis de Tocqueville

Looking at Malaysia today from a humorous point – I see that cartoon describe best what one side call the other amidst billions of ringgit, confusions, speculations and mental suffering. The lions ( read: lie on ) and the cheetahs ( read: cheat ah ) will continue to run and run in a merry go around way until the spectators are tired, confused and vote with their feet and then, the whole jungle (nation) perish. When will truth prevail? When will the lions and cheetahs stop? When will a hero emerge?

Just wait and see – as the old wisdom says. It is not the end of the world yet, and the saga continues…

After all, didn’t historians wrote that, all nations, poor or great, produce lions and cheetahs that take the center stage of its social, political and economy theater before a hero came along, where originals are a few while copies are aplenty? 

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