Monday, 13 July 2015

Tan Sri Azman Hashim’s turn now to clarify everything!

Courage is found in unlikely places - JRR Tolkien 

Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Tun Mahathir's riding buddy. 
When a lawyer say something, especially for something that will be on record, something that can lands him in trouble with the Bar and something can he/she can be sued for defamation, he must be very sure that whatever he said is fully backed up by evidences unless he is really insane and looking for trouble. Lawyer Md Zainal Abidin, who heads the NGO Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia, as reported by Free Malaysia Today claimed that a banking tycoon who is very close to Dr. Mahathir leaked those accounts to the Tun.

Adding to the sensation, Md. Zainal Abidin also hinted that the tycoon shared Tun Mahathir’s love for horse riding. It is not really hard to link which banking tycoon is this. A simple Google search will wield results that show Tan Sri Azman Hashim’s love for horse riding. It was also well reported that Tan Sri Azman Hashim and Tun Dr. Mahathir are close friends and they even went on horse riding in Argentina together. It is no coincidence that Tan Sri Azman Hashim is the Chairman of AmBank Group. AmBank is the bank that Wall Street Journal pointed to be the bank that Prime Minister Najib Razak owned accountants with monies transferred from 1MDB related companies.

Who is this Md Zainal Abidin? Checks on him from the Bar Directory don’t wield any result as a practising lawyer. Google his NGO - Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia linked to a blog that has no content whatsoever. Checks on Registrar of Societies (ROS)’s website don’t have this NGO either.  So, who is this Md Zainal Abidin and his NGO?

When the news of PM’s so called AmBank Account surfaced, there were talk and urge by many quarters that AmBank can put a stop to the who brouhaha by issuing a statement whether such account exits with such an amount of money. However, those who call for this action doesn’t understand that bankers don’t reveal their client’s details and they are bound by Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989.

But now, it is a different thing all together. AmBank Group Chairman, though wasn’t being named directly, he was named indirectly as the one providing information that probably violates Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989. As such, I’ll call for Tan Sri Azman Hashim to clarify Md Zainal Abidin’s allegation and to sue him if such a thing never happen. If Tan Sri Azman Hashim fails to do so, the police force will have to step in to investigate if Tan Sri Azman Hashim violates Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989. Remember Fafizi Ramli’s court case over NFC and violation of Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989? Tan Sri Azman Hashim can no longer sit quietly now. 

We are sick of more lies, conspiracy theories, speculations and double standard practices by the police force and Attorney General. If it is a lie, sue to set the record straight. If it is a violation of the law, please let the culprit to haul to court.

As JRR Tolkien said that courage is found in unlikely places I hope that everyone involved in this whole 1MDB fiasco found their courage to set things right, and do it immediately! 

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