Friday, 26 June 2015

With iPhone 6, I bid adieu to Canon G16

The iconic Bridge over River Kwai at dusk. 
Capturing moments in a photo is something that I am very passionate about. Every photo are forms of appreciation and communications with the moment at that time of the shooting – where I was, who I was with and what I was doing.  

I enjoy taking pictures of everything – from insects to food to portraits to formation of clouds. At the same time, I loved to be photographed and I demanded that the snapshots of me must be perfect, even on candid pictures.  In order to capture a picture that deemed acceptable to me, sometimes, up to 30 shots will be taken just for only one to be selected, much to the stress of my friends holding the camera.

Call me picky, demanding or obsessive or whatever on this aspect, and I will admit to it. Any serious photographer will tell you that, for the thousands of shoots that they took, perhaps, not even one percent of the photos will make it to their list of acceptable ones.

In the days before the camera function on smartphones are acceptable, I used to carry a camera with me all the time – a Canon Compact IXUS. When I travel, cameras and their accessories took up half the space of my hand carry luggage – a Canon DSLR with various lenses and a Canon Powershot G16. Before sticking to Canon, I have tried various brands, compared its functions, resolutions, the printed end result and I vote for a Canon. True to its tagline – it delights me, always.

However, I slowly say goodbye to my cameras since the arrival of my iPhone 5s. Then, on my April’s trip to Siem Riep, Cambodia, I took shots with iPhone 6 and my trusted companion, the Canon Powershot G16. Much to my surprise, shots taken from the iPhone 6 yielded better results than the camera. The beautiful pictures that we see in signboards all over the world with the simple tagline “Shot on iPhone 6” are real! They aren’t product of photo editing, a norm in marketing gimmick that my skeptical mind initially thought of.

Excellent flash and shutter speed to capture this picture. 
And, for the past few days in Bangkok, I took the Canon Powershot G16 along but not a single shot of photo was taken with it. I am wholly satisfied with every shot taken from the iPhone 6 - from the busy streets of Bangkok to the tranquility of the hillsides on the bank of River Kwai in Kachanaburi. All that a camera can do, iPhone 6 did it even better. Shutter speed – passed. Flash – passed. Zoom – passed. Aperture speed – passed. Clarity – passed. Quick editing – passed. Gone too are the wait to upload nice pictures on Facebook. But to be sure to have good and reliable powerbanks ready as the phone’s battery span depleted much quicker than expected.

After this, I am going to put my Canon Powershot G16 into retirement as I can now make do with iPhone 6. Nevertheless, I will still carry the DSLR with me until Apple can come out with camera functions that can totally put DSLR cameras into retirement as well. On a glance, among the droves of tourists that throng the Grand Palace compound in Bangkok, all I can see was smartphones taking over the job of cameras. In the race for snapshots, the camera makers, for now, looks like they are losing to the smartphones.

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