Thursday, 11 June 2015

Rude, slow and overzealous government officers aplenty

There are many things that fellow Malaysians of all political stripes cannot agree but there is one thing that everyone will agree absolutely and loudly – everyone hate to go to government departments to get things done. If possible, going to the government departments, be it local government or federal government, is the last thing that everyone wishes to do.

Even with the setting up of Urban Transformation Center (UTC), the KPI benchmark, promises of delivery, promises of efficiency and all sorts of promises done by the government, it is still a drag to go to do basic things such as changing the passport or making a police report. More often than not, my friends and I lament of how we wish that changing of passport, IC and other processes that needed to be at government departments personally can be done online and if possible, without even having to step a foot inside the government departments.  

Rude, slow and overzealous moral police government officers are aplenty in all government departments throughout the country. The recent incident of a woman that was forced to don a sarong before being allowed entry to the Road Transport Department is only the tip of an iceberg over the many ills at government departments. I do not see anything wrong with the woman’s dressing!

More precisely, what I see is that of overzealous moral police politicians and officers that have been growing in this country. What used to be a norm and acceptable suddenly became unacceptable after zealots in the likes of Ridzuan Tee Abduallah, ISMA, Perkasa, PAS and their like-minded friends preaches so. In future, are we expected to be covered from head to toe before being served in government departments? I’ve received complaints too, that, since the last general election, with the Chinese not supporting the Barisan Nasional government, some government officers have become racist too. However, without substantial evidence, we shall leave it this aside. I just hope that this is not true even we have plenty of evidences that certain ministers have turned racist!

Aside from overzealous moral police government officers, rude officers are aplenty too. They behaved as if they are working in their father or mother’s company when in fact; they are public servant funded by taxpayer. They communicate with the public like masters shouting instructions to the slaves. And often, these are the officers that are without empathy for they never take any explanation given into considerations. Two years ago, I’ve written about a rude security officer by the name of Fatehah who behaved like a gangster at LCCT. Yes, it is one of the types of officers that you’ll encounter once a while.

It will take many more pages to note down the rude encounters at government departments, including one incident when I change my passport last year. I was rudely refused by the officer handling out forms and waiting numbers when I presented my passport and IC because I told that my IC looks old! I would have to change my IC first before I am allowed to change my passport.  I explained to the officer that I changed my IC in 2008; it is just 6 years and asked what does she mean by old? I was told that because the color looked faded. Duh! Is it my problem if the color of my MyKad look faded to her eyes? To cut short the story, and thanks to my friend’s smartness which I am not convenient to disclose, I’d managed to change my passport on that day.

Finally, I guess I need not comment much about the snail pace of certain government officers conducting their job for I know fellow Malaysians will agree with their hands and legs up. 

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