Tuesday, 2 June 2015

This pair of shoe is 10 years old

Ten years old and still good ! 
When I wrote that I only own 5 pairs of shoes in October last year, many friends, especially from the opposite sex, thought that I was joking but when I got serious, some secretly while some openly wishes that their wife or girlfriend can scale down their shoes collection to what I own while a few more confessed that they have more shoes than me.

Some friends commended me for being frugal but with all honestly, I don’t think I am frugal because when it is time to spend on Yixing purple clay teapots, bonsai plants, custom made Chinese silk tops, cuisine, travelling, antiques and of all, books, I am spendthrift on the very extreme side. I would just say that I would not mind to pay a premium for something that will last me for a very long time and worth the money spent.

Two days ago, my best friend Bridget was my guest in town and we were talking about shoes when  I happily told her that I’ve owned this very pair of Bally shoe for ten good years. I bought this pair of shoe in June 2005 from Bally’s boutique at Ngee Ann City Singapore for SGD 899.00. I use it as my working shoes and for formal functions, altering it with another pair of lower heel Bally that I bought in 2008. 

It is my second pair of Bally. I bought the first in Auckland way back in 2002 at the recommendation of my best friend Peggy. She told me that shoes produced by Bally are comfortable, durable and presentable. That pair of shoes cost me a bomb as I had just started my intern at Helen Clark’s office. That pair of shoe is still in its pristine condition in Auckland though it is no longer fit – my feet have grown slightly larger.  

The shoe cream, lotion from Bally and brush set courtesy of Fullerton Hotel for my shoes care. 
It sounds quite unbelievable but at the end, it is the quality of the shoe and how the owner take care of them that counts.  With good care, this pair of shoes will still serve me for many more years comfortably. I can’t wait to count how many years that a pair of Bally can lasts.

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