Friday, 12 June 2015

Baron for “lelong”

My spoilt rotten cat Baron is going to be “lelong” (auction) off, declared his grandma (my mom) angrily. “Ask your mummy (me) to buy you off at “lelong” and bring back to Kuala Lumpur,” added grandma to Baron who looked at her innocently. But certainly he is not innocent at all. He had been caught scratching grandma’s carpet, scratching the wallpaper near the staircase and his latest crime was stealing food!

Something was amiss from the dining table but nobody suspected Baron until a check on the CCTV. And guess what that actually amuse and enraged his grandma at the same time? This cat is so smart to hide away the evidences of his crime (leftover bones) in his poo box and covered them with the sand! Duh!!

“Where do you learn all these?” I asked Baron and he gave me an arrogant staring look as the answer. Double duh!! 

"He inherited all these from you! What type of owner produce what type of cat." retorted his grandma. Triple duh!! 

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