Friday, 1 May 2015

Hilarious Labor Day message from my boss

Early this morning, the ringing tone of my office messaging apps woke me up from my sweet slumber. With it comes a hilarious message from our dear boss whom with the nickname of pharaoh for he is well known to be having the cameo role in driving us (the slaves) to constantly work hard and smart to success and fame. Whereas in ancient time, pharaohs drives the slaves to build pyramids and monuments, the modern day pharaoh drives us hard to collects awards and recognition from prestigious publications/institutions related to our practice.

Mr. Pharaoh who loves the sarong and pagoda T-shirt as much as Brioni and Hermes, in his usual acerbic yet hilarious way wrote this:

Dear colleagues,

Greetings from a very sunny and beautiful location (for you to guess where). I hope you enjoy the long weekend and the extended leaves that you’ve applied with reasons such as avoiding the traffic, flight tickets availability and many more creative reasons after an extremely busy start in 2015. I hope that you have all the fun of vacationing, shopping, sleeping and indulging yourself with all the delicious cuisine to your heart’s content because when the holiday ends, you’ll need to toil harder, but do not worry, our office is not yet a gulag.

Happy Labor Day and Wesak Day and Long Weekend Day!

With warm regards,
Boss a.k.a pharaoh the slave driver

Duh!! Our dear pharaoh …oh pharaoh, it is so nice of you to think of us even during your holiday at the mysterious sunny and beautiful place. must be in the middle of the desert to get more inspirations from the pyramids and your favorite Spinx!  Happy Labor Day ! 

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