Friday, 29 May 2015

Famous SS 2 durian stalls demolished by MBPJ

Demolition of SS2 durian stalls.
At around 8.30 pm on 28th May 2015, MBPJ enforcement officers arrived in a few trucks to demolish the famous row of durian stalls at SS2 Petaling Jaya. I happened to be having dinner nearby with a friend when the enforcement officers were busy taking away tables, tents, racks and of course, durians from the stalls that have been operating there for as long as everyone can remember.

What was left after demolition. 
I remember the stalls to be around since the late 90s while my friend attested that they have been around since 2000. Anyone living in Klang Valley who craves for durians will know this is the place to go, even when during off season as durians from Thailand will be imported.  These stalls are so famous that they are in the radar of my foreign visitors who love durians.  In short, SS2 and durians are synonymous.

After dinner, I drove past and I saw a foreign worker handling out cards. Out of curiosity, my friend wind down the window, the worker handed her a business card and pointed to a new direction where they have moved to set up shop right after the demolition. We didn’t bother to check out the new location but from the direction given, we know it is now located on the same row as Restaurant Green View at Jalan 19/3, which is a short distance away. We are unsure if they will be moving back to the old location or to another new location. However, durian lovers can always call Durian Wai at 012 234 5619 or 018 234 5619 to check it out as printed on the business card.

The business card passed to passerby. 
I can’t be certain if they are operating by the roadside of Jalan SS2/24 legally or illegally for years but if they are illegal, why does it take ages before MBPJ sprang into action? In view that these stalls are an icon so synonymous with the king of fruits, I hope that MBPJ and the durian stall operators will work out a solution to ensure that these stalls remains in SS2 within the jurisdiction of law (if they are deemed illegal). 

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