Saturday, 30 May 2015

Even toilet rolls are not cheap

A close friend who visits my house frequently would never cease to complain that there isn’t any toilet paper in the three bathrooms of my house whenever she pays a visit. And each time, I have to tell her that the rolls are available in the kitchen as well as the store room. It is the same mantra that I repeat again and again to all visitors to my house that toilet rolls and tissue papers are not available in the bathroom.

Over the years, I have lost count of the amount of time I told the maids that in all their zest and hard work to keep the bathrooms spotlessly clean; please do not wet the toilet rolls. However, such a simple instruction somehow never seems to register in their mind, leaving me with soiled toilet rolls that I would either have to dry under the sun or throw away. Thus, the best option is to keep the toilet rolls out of the toilets altogether!

I’m not being petty about toilet rolls but I do not agree with the wastage. Apart from that, we, human have taken toilet rolls for granted resulting in rampant wastage. It simply doesn’t cross the mind of many people that toilet rolls are not cheap at all. In the era of inflation insanity post GST, my favorite brand of toilet paper now costs RM 21.19 for a packet of ten rolls at TESCO.  Err...actually, the same toilet rolls costs cheaper in Singapore after conversion to Ringgit. 

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