Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Crappy parking meters in Selangor!!

This kind of crappy machines under the charge of Selangor are all over Klang Valley! 
Can I assume that district, town or city councilors appointed by the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor are all the super busy policy wonks that never have time to get to the field to inspect on everything that is under their charge is working in good order? Or can I assume that even if they do, they all have problems with their eyesight thus, many things missed their attention? Or can I just assume that they too, are no difference from their predecessor from Barisan Nasional, whom they like blame for being incompetence?

Isn’t this group of so call “new era” councilors, appointed from the strict selection process as said by the Pakatan Rakyat government are supposed to be different to ensure that all problems, be it big or small, that is related to the district, city or town, will be solved with first world efficiency? However, the reality is far too different from what was promised. After being in power since 2008, it is as if nothing ever changes at all, even though change, world class infrastructure and speedy efficiency are their promise to the people.  

Let’s leave aside long standing problems such as cleanliness, pot holes, rubbish collection and drainage; I am in deep dismay to find that even the parking meters under the care of Selangor state government in the Klang Valley are in such a sorry state. It is as if the council workers and decision makers expect that every driver who parks their car in public car parks know how to handle the machines like handling something familiar at home or they have the ability to decipher the instructions and the function of the buttons.  

Or am I the only stupid one that doesn’t know how to pay at the museum piece parking machine in Selangor?  Oh well, my friends assured me, I am not alone. Sometimes they take up to ten minutes to study the machine, look for slots to insert the coins and key in their car plates before a ticket is printed! 

If I am not the only one, then what kind of job are all the world class councilors in Selangor are doing? 

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