Friday, 17 April 2015

“If you want to have heart attack, hire a maid”

We’ve heard and read a fair share of maid abuse, vicious maids, stupid maids, lazy maids, runaway maids, wonderful maid, honest maid and the list goes on and on. However, most of the time, we will hear of complaints about maids rather than compliments about them and in my instance, I can sum up the ratio to 8:2 and I’ve long concluded that getting a good maid is all about luck and gamble. You place a huge sum bet in getting a maid but luck determines whether she is good or lousy. 

If you are lucky, you get a maid who is a fast leaner, honest and wonderful that if she ever goes home for holiday or decided to go back for good, you felt that your house collapsed after three days or that you lost a very important family member. However, if you are unlucky, you get a maid that is capable of all sorts of stupidity despite your never ending coaching that you’ll be counting the days to pack her off. A friend of mine who have horrible experience with maids said this to me “If you want to have heart attack, hire a maid!” To a certain extent, I have to agree with her.

Even my own experience said so but my mother is so far very lucky with the super hardworking maid at her house that is capable of almost everything from sewing, pets handling, cooking delicious dishes to gardening on automatic basis whereas the hourly maids that come to my house in KL will never cease to get earful of lectures whenever I am home. I guess they must be praying that ma’am is not at home all the time so they don’t have to work the full two hours, cut corners when wiping the shelves, use bed sheet changing as an excuse to delay the tedious ironing or hearing me giving them sarcastic remarks such as I’ll be able to write their name on the dust accumulated. I just can’t wait for these two maids to end their 2 years contract so that Mr. Leow can send me new maids.

Whenever I chat with Mr. Leow, I’ll never cease the raise the issue that the maids are forgetful and Mr. Leow fully agreed with this. Absent minded maids is the complaint that Mr. Leow received almost on a daily basis. He too, lamented that despite his daily training and lecture, have to concur that the brain of the maids work slower to which I have to agree with very much so does all my friends with maids. However, I will console myself and them by saying that if they are smarter, they won’t be maids!

Couple of days ago, my friend in Singapore was all worked up and in horror when she found out that her maid have been changing her Facebook profile pictures almost every week, including a selfie that the maid took while lying down on her sofa. Since arriving in December, my friend has been complaining nonstop about the stupidity of this maid in doing household chores and that she is almost going bonkers about this maid. When I told my mom about this, she said that this is small matter compared to the maid of her friend who took seminude pictures to post on Facebook. Again, if the maids are smarter, they would have known what to do with privacy settings on Facebook.

The Facebook profile picture of her maid that made my friend's blood boiled!  
"Even my maid have a maid!” cried an ex colleague not too long ago. Who is the maid’s maid? It is the Bangladeshi that is hired by the management office of the residential compound where she lives to do maintenance work. In exchange for washing the my friend’s car, trimming of the grass, wiping the windows and other works, the maid return to favor by having sex with him. This arrangement ended when my friend caught the maid and the Bangladeshi at home after being tipped by her neighbor. 

There are more horror yet amusing stories regarding maids that it will take me pages to list them incident by incident that at times, it is better to be doing all the household chores by our own instead of risk having premature death caused by them.Most of the time, we empathize that maids are human beings too, and they have families back home,but, it is their attitude and level of smartness that made us getting mad and make it so hard to assimilate them as part of the family.

On the aspect of smartphones, while we know that Facebook or Whatsapp is a cheap way for them to connect with their family members; we can’t stop thinking of the time that they spend tapping their phone or what other monkey business are they doing instead of doing household chores. How often do they go online, especially when the kids are all at school, parents at work and maid is alone at home? With maids having smart phones, is it a good idea at all?

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