Wednesday, 1 April 2015

GST insanity and sanitary pad

The jury is still out there whether the sanitary pads will be cheaper. 
I am not going to write a long essay on this topic, and I agree that GST is good for the country in the long run but I only have three questions for the policymakers in Malaysia that decide on which are essential and non-essential items that should be GST taxed or not. My first question is this:

Is using the sanitary pad and tampons considered a luxury because the government expects women to go back to the days when recycled cloth or rags were used to collect menstrual blood every month?

If the answer is yes, then it is very unfortunate that in this age of GST insanity and bid to increase the fast depleted government coffer, Malaysian women have to resort to the methods of their ancestors in dealing with menstrual blood or pay the 6% tax. And thus, my second question:

If the answer is no, with the excuse that sanitary pads and tampons are in fact going cheaper, then, why can’t it be even cheaper for another 6% ?

And my final question is:

Why women in Malaysia must be penalized with the extra burden of 6% (and this 6% could be increasing over time) every month from the day of their puberty to the day menopause finally kicks in?

Can Malaysia’s dear Finance Ministers and Deputy Finance Ministers please answer these questions? If you have no answer to these questions, then stop letting the GST insanity takes over and Malaysian women fume over sanitary pads! 


  1. Perhaps, government expects its rakyat to use leaves which are aplenty and environmentally friendly LoL

  2. May be there were no woman in the policy making team?!

  3. Dear divelive, there are woman in the policy making team but maybe they are at menopause age, lol or most likely, it is the just couldn't be bothered attitude.

  4. Is the woman merely a headcount or really have a say in the policy making?

  5. I don't think they are merely a headcount.