Thursday, 16 April 2015

All I want in life….and more

Sometimes ago when I was in Lion City, Yong’s good friend Etara Cheong sent me an attachment via Facebook which amuses me very much. Each time when I look at this few simple words, I can’t stop thinking of the books and the luxury of time to read them as fast as I can and the many more things in life that I wish to have.

So let’s start with the attachment from Etara and I’ll do a simple check with pictures that I took from home:

1. Books -  yes, always have them by my beside table. I can't sleep without reading.
2. Books – yes, here are some of them.

3.Comfy chair to read books – yes, this is my favorite rosewood rocking chair to do reading.
4.Books - the more the better as the essayist, poet, playwright, and politician Joseph Addison said and I quote " Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body".

5.Money for books - err...a portion of my monthly salary goes to investing in books till the piggies are complaining that they only get coins!
6. Library full of books – hmm...I still have to work hard for one, but I am happy with my little sanctuary full of books and Chairman Mao statues. 
7. Bookmarks - I collect bookmarks but I use sticky index notes as bookmarks for a very practical  reason. Guess?
8. Books - yes, there are more and they are fighting for more space.
9.A man who reads books – I am still looking for the man so there is no picture to go with this comment.

10. Stacks of books - aren't all that you see are in stacks? 

11. Time to read books – I try to devote as much time as I can. Time is too luxurious that I can't afford to lose even a minute. 
12. Shelves for books – I wish I have the space for more shelves but my little sanctuary can only afford one.
13. Books - I have been buying the same book but in different cover! I think I have temporary amnesia when I am at bookstores. 
14. Tea to drink while I read books – a book and a good pot of tea is a perfect pairing, such as TWG's Silvermoon. 
15. Books - My God! Look at what I did with books - buying the same book from two different bookstores. 
There are more things that I wish to have in life but I am happy and thankful with God’s beautiful arrangements for me thus far in life. I am grateful too, to all of you who come along the way and make this life a wonderful journey. 

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