Monday, 9 March 2015

Should I be angry or look at this with envy?

The rakyat demands an answer! 
I am very angry after reading the articles related to Jho Low, 1 MDB and those in the corridors of power published by The Edge Malaysia issue 1057 for the week of March 9 to March 15 2015. I am also extremely flabbergasted after reading how government’s fund, which consists of your money and my money, ended up being treated like Monopoly board game by these people. For years, I read all 1MDB’s huh hah with the view that I will not believe it until someone can provide proper evidences of wrongdoing but today, I am convinced.

Apart from that, I would urge fellow Malaysians to purchase or borrow a copy of The Edge issue no 1057 and read; with evidential proves that the team from The Edge had managed to obtain. (There are various articles from numeral websites pertaining to this issue, chiefly The Malaysian Insider (of the same owner as The Edge Malaysia) and Sarawak Report but everything is clearer on print.)

Evidences provided! 
It will be beneficial too, for what was printed by The Edge to be translated into Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil so that every Malaysian can read with full understanding how government fund was being used in this one big Malaysia fiasco. I am also in the opinion that a not toothless Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) should be set up to investigate and provide an answer to fellow Malaysians pertaining to 1MDB. The RCI will also be beneficial for the board of directors of 1MDB and individuals involved to clear the air if they think they have been victims of political conspiracy (a term favored by Pakatan Rakyat).

Easy money ! 
However, at the same time, I am extremely envious of Jho Low. How I wish I have one third of his acumen to make deals, half of his contacts (mostly from his school days) and controls billions of dollars at such a young age. I’d always thought that I was very fortunate be in University of Auckland at the right time but I am having a second thought now. University of Auckland is of no match to Harrow School or Haileybury School in United Kingdom that counted Jho Low, Riza Aziz as well as the (in)famous Bo Xilai’s son, Bo Guagua among its alumni. I guess, many people are having the same envious thought as me and regretted for not getting into the “right” school and meet the “right” people that can do billions of dollars of deals.  

Ah…probably, in the near future, someone should write a book to guide parents who wishes to see their children becoming billionaires on which school to attend and how they should invest in education.

Meantime, I am still confused. Should I be angry that the tax money that I pay to the government be used in such a way or should I be envious, working my way to get “connected” and forget about my anger? 

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