Saturday, 28 February 2015

Why politicalize Jade Emperor’s birthday celebration?

The Jade Emperor 
I read and hear with utter disgust each time when matters related to religion and one’s faith being politicalized by either Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat. At the same time, I find it extremely childish when the caretaker or committee of a mosque, temple or church aligned the whole place of worship only to certain political parties. It is such a shame when these guardians of the house of their respective gods treat the place as if their own private properties and forbid those from different political parties to worship or take part in any events organized.

I had my first rude awakening in 2013, when some childish people took it to the social networking sites to pray to the Jade Emperor or Ti Kong ( 天公) on his birthday and wished for a change in government, from BN to PR. That same year too, I witnessed that political messages were written on Kong Ming Lantern, which is officially banned in Malaysia, released to convey the wishes to Jade Emperor. I’d always wonder; if I am Jade Emperor, will I be amused or upset that fanatics ruin my birthday with politics.

This year, I read with great disappointment when the DAP MP for Tanjong, Ng Wei Aik, took it to Facebook to politicalize and lament that he was not invited to the grandest event in Malaysia organized to celebrate the Jade Emperor’s birthday. Every Malaysian and even tourists know that the annual Jade Emperor celebration held at Weld Quay, Penang and Ng’s constituency is an eye opening and breathtaking ceremony.  

Ng wrote that the state government’s money, the Chief Minister of Penang and himself, the MP are not wanted by the Chew Clan Jetty Committee, which organized the event that saw the attendance of politicians from Barisan Nasional. Well, if the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Ng, who so wish to attend the event to pray to the Jade Emperor, they should be able to do without being invited. One doesn't need to be invited to pray. The Jade Emperor belongs to everyone, not the monopoly of any political party, and nobody can forbid Lim Guan Eng and Ng Wei Aik if they wish to pray at Weld Quay or anywhere.

Alongside the shallow minded Ng Wei Aik, Chew Jetty chairman, Chew Hock Ean is equally the same, or some would say, a lousy liar. He claimed that no political parties are invited this year to celebrate Jade Emperor’s birthday and that he is not familiar with the procedure to organize the event. Nobody can fault him if he is not familiar but that is not an excuse to play politics with Jade Emperor’s birthday celebration.

Chew Hock Ean claimed that Penang BN Chairman, Teng Chang Yeow was invited because Teng is his best friend, okay, fine, you invite your best friend and there is nothing wrong with it. On the same note, he said that MCA’s Vice President, Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun was invited because her surname is Chew, well, that is fine too but aren’t Betty Chew Gaik Cheng, the wife of Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng is a Chew too? Why she was not invited? Worse of all, Chew Hock Ean’s bluff about the event this year being apolitical was exposed by his good friend Teng Chang Yeow.

The Star reported that Teng said he was approached by Chew Hock Ean this year and managed to get RM 25,000.00 for the committee from MCA President and another RM 25,000.00 from Gerakan President. Again, there is nothing wrong for donations from the President of MCA and Gerakan but with the disclosure by Teng, who can believe Chew Hock Ean that the event is totally apolitical?

The Jade Emperor’s birthday is a celebration for everyone regardless of political belief and parties. O Jade Emperor………I just wish that you’ll guide fellow Malaysians to vote out the people’s representatives that aren’t fit to be one in the coming general elections, regardless they are from which political party. 

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