Sunday, 22 February 2015

Teluk Intan’s MPs; setting the record straight

Yesterday, I received a message from a friend who is currently doing a research about Chinese Member of Parliaments during the Tunku era and their contributions to moderation with regards to an article I wrote last year during the Teluk Intan by-election. 
Both Woo Saik Hong and Wah Keng Jooi were each honored with a street naming after them.  
Today, most of Jalan Wah Keng Jooi is inaccessible to cars due to soil erosion.
In Everyone is nobody before becoming somebody,so is Dyana Sofya , I’ve written that Wah Keng Jooi is the first MP for Teluk Anson. This is an error on my part. The first Member of Parliament for Teluk Intan is Woo Saik Hong whom death is 1961 triggered a by-election on which MCA fielded Wah Keng Jooi, who was then a local councilor and state assemblyman but Wah lost to an Independent candidate, Choo Guan Hin. 

The seat was subsequently returned to MCA’s fold with Dr. Ng Kam Poh winning the seat in 1964 only to lose it to DAP’s Chan Fu King in 1969. From 1974 onwards, the Teluk Intan Parliamentary seat is seat that is traditionally being given to Gerakan to contest, under the Barisan Nasional ticket, and no longer MCA's. 

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