Thursday, 26 February 2015

On this day in 2014 去年的今天

At Wat Mahatat on the grounds of Si Satchanalai National Park
On this day last year, my best friend and great assistant of nine good years, Pooh and I embarked on our annual holiday retreat to Sukhothai in Thailand. The 5 days spent together exploring the ruins of the Sukothai Kingdom that took us to countless of temples, climbs and drive around Sukhothai Historical Park, Si Satchanalai National Park and Kauumpeheng Phet are interesting and rewarding. However the trip also bound our friendship even closer and reaffirmed our great understanding of each other.

Off the beaten path like this will only happen with Pooh around - Ramkheng National Park 
Pooh is a great companion when travelling for she likes all to try all the new things and excitement while the not so adventurous me will need a confirmation from Pooh whether a particular new dish is delicious or a short climb is worth doing as well as many rewarding off the beaten tracks. I look forward for many more trips together with Pooh but this year, we may have to schedule our trip to a later date as her mother is currently in hospital after a traffic accident. I wish Pooh’s mom speedy recovery.

谢谢你 Pooh Pooh, 真的是一路有你。

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