Thursday, 15 January 2015

Chinese New Year Preview Dinner by Shanghai Restaurant and Li Yen

Toasting for a great year ahead! 
With a blink, Chinese New Year is around the corner again. Decorations are starting to appear at shopping malls and invitations for Chinese New Year dinners starts to come one after another. However, nothing is closer to my heart than the invitation by the Shanghai Restaurant of J.W. Marriott Hotel and Ritz Carlton’s Li Yen.

With Chef Wong, Chef Leong and Mr Wilfred. 
It was just like last month when I attended their very first Guest Appreciation Night exactly a year ago. How fast time flies! Last night’s dinner was even grander and merrier than the previous years with more guests in attendance. I am glad and happy that mom accepted the invitation to be there with me. Her attendance made the dinner even more meaningful to me. We were treated for a six course dinner which, as with all customary Chinese New Year, a start with the tossing of the “yee sang” and a sweet ending with sweet glutinous rice cake (年糕).

The customary "yee sang". 
Mummy and I 
Once again, I have to thank the management and staffs of both restaurants for inviting me and mom to their Chinese New Year preview dinner yesterday night. I know I am long winded to say this over and over again, but I must still say thank you to everyone at Shanghai Restaurant and Li Yen for the great care and service rendered throughout my eleven years of patronizing these two establishments. These are the only two fine dining establishments in Kuala Lumpur where I can remember everyone’s name, where the executive chefs, Chef Wong and Chef Leong treats me as their daughter, where the staff are my brothers and sisters and where every visits are akin to having lunches or dinners at home.

With Alice, Denise,Yen and Ben from Shanghai Restaurant. 
With U Keong, the restaurant manager of Li Yen.
11 years is a long period of time and it is rare for restaurants to maintain the same standard of service and the excellent quality plus deliciousness of the cuisine for such a long time but I have to say, Shanghai Restaurant and Li Yen made it! Well done and I look forward for many more years of lunches and dinners with them.

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