Friday, 30 January 2015

Bonsai shaping: Before and after

This afternoon, getting tired of reading and working on the laptop, I decided to take a break. Instead of just taking a stroll in the garden as planned, I ended up with pruning and reshaping two honeycombs suckle trees and upon finishing them, mom asked me based on what styles that I am trying to achieve. What a good question; for I didn’t think of a shape before I started which is a cardinal sin when shaping the bonsai trees. After giving them some thoughts, I tweaked the trunks again to make a cascade (kengai) and the other one a literati (bunjin).

The bunjin tree: 
Before: An unshaped honeycombs suckes harvested from the backyard. 
After: Double and triple wiring techniques used.
The kengai tree:
Before: A matured tree without a distinctive style. 
The  final shape after removing the excess growth and re bending of the trunk. 

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