Wednesday, 28 January 2015

An interesting encounter with a QC

Last evening, I’ve had the opportunity to bump into a QC at Isetan KLCC. You might be thinking what is so surprising for me to meet Queen’s Counsels (QC) due to the nature of my profession. After all, they could be some visiting senior lawyers in town for some very important cases.  

Though our legal system do not confer the title of Queen’s Counsel to senior lawyers or members of the judiciary, however, we do have plenty of QCs in town. The QC that I mean here are the queue cutters, those with very creative ideas to cut the queue as if they are rushing to tend to something very important or as if an extra minute spent on the queue will make them a bad loser in time management.

More often than not, we are so used to these QCs that we couldn’t be bothered about them. However, this interesting encounter is worth a mention.

As I only have one item with me, I made my way to the express cashier with a big sign stating that it is only for customers with less than ten items. Then, something interesting happened! A customer with a trolley was in the queue too. It is very obvious that she has more than ten items in the trolley. As she approached the cashier, a foreigner sprang out nowhere to say that she is a cheat and she should be going to the non-express lane.  

However, this QC, without losing any composure, replied in a laconic tone that she have 20 cups in Nissin instant noodles, 2 packets of 3 in 1 Nescafe, 3 packets of White Coffee, 2 bottles of dish washer and 4 bottles of wine, and in total, she only have 5 items, thus she have not exceeded ten items. After reading her list, she told the foreigner that this is Malaysia and this is how we count items!  Duh! Watching the drama, I wonder if this lady is in the legal profession too, for if she is, she definitely qualified as a very distinguished lawyer who knows how to turn the facts to advantages and if she is practicing in the United Kingdom, she deserves to be a QC.  

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