Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Naughty Baron in Action

It has been more than a year since my spoilt rotten cat, Baron, stay at my parent’s house except for some short visits back to KL because of my dad’s preference for him to be around. After grandpa’s passing, which sadden Baron very much; he is now a good companion to grandma, making her angry and laugh at the same time with his even naughtier antics.
Each evening, he will prompt grandma to switch on the light in my room for his fresh meal follow up with refilling his drinking water and outing to the balcony where he will attempt to catch anything that moves. Hardly a day passes without some funny antics from him, some of which was captured through the lenses.

I have no idea where he learns this! I was on the phone with a friend complaining about his naughty antics when he gently scratches my leg for attention. When I turned to him, he showed me this post and long enough for me to snap a picture as if saying: “yeah, take a pic and show your friend!” Duh!! 

He self-designated this place on the sofa as his “seat” in the living room whenever he wishes to join family members for movies or discussions. Only he is allowed on this spot because grandma will scold the intruders ! 

He gave a flying kiss when asked to pose for this photo. Grandma said he just know what to do when he is in good mood. 

Pretend to be asleep while grandma is scolding him after scratching grandma’s carpet from Esprit. Grandma asked his mummy (me) to pay for the damage. Ops !  

Another pose for the camera!

He will choose different rooms each afternoon for his nap, comfortably positioning himself in the middle of the bed. Got caught by mummy while napping on mummy's bed.

Watching the lizards with full attention! This is one of his favourite activities after dinner when he will persuade grandma to let him out to the balcony, the same balcony that serves as mummy's little paradise. 

“I am the spoilt rotten one at home! The fruits belong to me!”  When no one is watching, he will drink the water from the Earth Deity's altar despite having his own bowl of water. Once empty, he will persuade grandma or the maid to do a refill. Initially grandma was wondering why the water dried up faster than usual but a check on the CCTV caught Baron the culprit!  Double Duh!!

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