Saturday, 4 October 2014

Now you see and bye….

The monopod and the remote control. 
Say cheese, smile to the phone camera….and it is gone – that is how my friend lost his iPhone 5s this evening to a snatch thief this evening while he and his group of friends was using the ever popular monopod to snap a few selfie at an eatery at Cheras.  When he was at the police station to lodge the report, he was told that, every day, there are a few cases of mobile phones being snatched while the owner took selfie using a monopod. According to the police, there have a been a surge in reported cases of mobile phone lost since the introduction of monopod to the market. "The fastest way to lose a phone," said the officer. "Snatch thieves strike at eateries, shopping malls and along popular streets when the unsuspecting phone owners were too busy selfie-ing," he added. 
After listening to my friend’s misery, I recalled a friendly advice given by Lily, a staff at the famous Wong Ah Wah Roast Chicken Wings eatery when I purchased my monopod and the Bluetooth controller from a street peddler. She told me to be careful as there have been a few cases of phones together with the monopod being snatched at Jalan Alor and Tengkat Tung Shin, leaving the victim with just the controller. Monopod, a brilliant invention for the convenience of taking photographs is a good or a bad thing in Malaysia where snatch thieves are always on the prowl?

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