Friday, 3 October 2014

My little paradise

I always feel that we are living in a very sterile, artificial world. Each time as I walk or drive through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and the occasion New York or Brussels where work will take me, I see the concrete and steel environment that people, including myself are cooped up all day long, with everyone chasing a different dream in life.

At my little of paradise after a long week in Singapore.   
As each day come to end, I noticed that people are often addicted to what I call “secondary pleasures” such as drugs, alcohols, shopping, fast cars, movies and so on but I will yearn for something I classified as “primary pleasure” of being in touch with mother nature, to end the day with a brew of tea and a good book. However, nothing beats the pleasure I derived from this place I called my little paradise – the balcony at home, a place with fresh air, a comfortable lazy chair, tea set; where I can watching my potted bonsai grow.
The bonsai teaches me that everything takes time, cultivating my patience. 
Over here, I can turn down the noise in my brain and observe firsthand the miracle of mindfulness. When I sit next to the bonsai, watching them grow, and do my reading, I feel like I am in touch with eternity, with something that goes on and on. The absolute cycle of birth, death and renewal displays itself before me. Oh, I just love this little piece of paradise so much and the feeling of being fundamentally connected to the cycles of nature!

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