Sunday, 26 October 2014

I only own 5 pairs of shoes

Out of the blue yesterday afternoon, a colleague whatsapp me asking me if I have in mind to buy any designer brands from Italy because a good friend of ours is heading to there for work cum holiday. I told him my mind is blank at the moment.

“Shoes? Handbags?” he asked.  
“No, do not intend to buy any pair of shoes since I still have one that is still nicely wrapped in the box which I bought almost a year ago.”
“Oh! Really? How many pairs of shoes do you own?”
“Only five??” he asked in astonishment.

I can understand his astonishment because it is rather hard to believe that a friend from the opposite sex only own 5 pairs when most girls will tell you that they have at least 20 pairs from different design and makers. Yes, I only own 5 pairs! In fact, my late father had more pairs than me and my mother is a shoes aficionado. Hardly a trip to the shopping mall goes without either one of them going home with a new pair of shoes.  I lost count of the number of pairs of shoes that my mother keep but I am certain that though it can’t match that of the legendary Imelda Marcos and till it was reported recently, the 1000 pairs that belongs to the soon to be former wife of Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng, it is quite “near”.

I inherited plenty good genes and traits from my parents but definitely not their zest for fashion and shoes. I will splurge on books, fine dining, Yixing purple clay teapots, Chinese tea, travel, antiques and of late on bonsai trees but I am modest with my spending on clothes, shoes and zero on cosmetics. When it comes to fashion, I always wonder why there seems to be two things in my mind – a time machine that travels back to early 20th century and a calculator for durability and comfort at any cost. Thus, with that comes a simple wardrobe filled with my favorite mandarin collar tops and an even simpler shoe rack.

Though simple, I am “guilty” of being very loyal to only one tailor and the selected few brands. So, back to my five pair of shoes that my colleague is so interested to know; which I promised to share, I have a pair of Timberland for various outdoor usage and four pairs of Bally, one which is still in the box. Of the three pairs of Bally, they range between 8 years old to 3 years old and the three of them are still in very good condition. My mom used to balk at me for spending thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes and a silk top but if I am to calculate the durability and comfort, I would say it is worth the money spent. When I explained the mathematics to daddy and after owning his first pair of Bally, he concurred. 

Strange? Sometimes, I felt that too. However, my philosophical mind would tell me that everyone has different priorities on their spending and there is nothing wrong with it. It takes all sorts to make a world and I choose to the boring and dull one with regards to fashion. More than often, close friends will give some friendly advice that men like girls with a bit of makeup and sexier clothing to which I would replied that I would rather a man that take a liking for what is in me than what is on me. Cosmetic beauty and fashion will decay with old age but what is in a person will follow him/her forever.

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