Monday, 13 October 2014

Bak Kut Teh Teluk Intan Style

For years, friends and relatives who came for overnight stay in Teluk Intan will know for sure that the next day’s breakfast will be bak kut teh at one of the few shops serving this meaty herbal soup in town. Though not as famous as Klang bak kut teh or the Teochew style peppery bak kut teh such as Ng Ah Sio’s in Singapore which I always crave for, Teluk Intan bak kut teh is famous for other reasons.

The standard order: A pot of bak kut teh with fried prawns, claypot spicy sourly fish and vegetable. 
While it is rare to find fresh fishes and seafood cooked in various styles at bak kut teh outlets in other parts of the country, it is a must in Teluk Intan. The eatery won’t be an original Teluk Intan Bak Kut Teh outlet if it doesn’t serve steam fish, fried prawns, spicy fried squid, mantis prawns, crabs and other types of seafood. The minimum standard order will be a pot of bak kut teh with steam or spicy fried fish and a plate of vegetables but a family of family will add in prawns and squid kong po style. It will be odd if one walks into a bak kut the eatery to order just a pot of bak kut teh with rice.
Most of the time, my friends who is in town for the first time will see in amazement the amount of seafood dishes that every table at the bak kut teh eatery ordered. The common remark I hear often heard is, while bak kut teh is the main dish in other parts of the country, in Teluk Intan, the seafood dishes made it looks like an accompanying dish of seafood themed breakfast. Some commented that the breakfast is equally as heavy as the seafood dinner the previous night.
Mummy and I during one of our Sunday brunch a few weeks ago. 
I am not sure how this originates but it has been the standard fare for as long as bak kut teh exists in Teluk Intan. The only reason I could think of is because Teluk Intan a coastal town, it is near to fishing villages and seafood are abundant and cheap. It is also common to see patrons bring their own seafood to be cooked by the eatery which will charge about 10-20 bucks depending on the item for their labour. Today, there are few bak kut teh eateries along Jalan Pasar near to the Sheng Kong Temple (the oldest and most popular temple in town).
However, my recommendation will be Restoran Teh Heon at Taman Ros, off Jalan Sultan Abdullah. It is the place that my family loves to go for Sunday brunch and a place where I will bring visiting friends. It is delicious with very reasonable price. To come to Teluk Intan and not to eat the famous Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun and the Teluk Intan style is akin to having not been in Teluk Intan.

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