Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Another joke of the year from PAS

I always read with great amusement statements from PAS leaders who seem to have the habit of speaking without using their brains. When they have no valid reason to oppose Valentine’s Day and concerts and other entertainments, they said it leads to people having the intention of committing sin therefore it is their moral duty to stop it. The list of their jokes are too long to list but I think fellow Malaysians have not forgotten that Hassan Ali, another former senior party member with some screws loose in his head, claimed that Singapore will be part of Malaysia if Pakatan Rakyat get hold of Putrajaya and yes, it is the same Putrajaya that their party’s former president, Fadzil Noor had wanted to sell off if the party comes to power.
Last month, when they have no other better reason for their lust for the seat of the Selangor Menteri Besar, the party’s President, Hadi Awang said that he is not ready to drag his party to hell because it involves His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor. Now that Hadi Awang is facing the backlash from within his own party as well as from leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat parties, another joker appeared. This is none other than the son of the party’s spiritual leader and Member of Parliament for Pasir Mas, Nik Abduh Nik Aziz who claimed that there is an international conspiracy to topple Hadi Awang and undermine the party’s syura council.
What are his excuses to come to this joke of the year conclusion? He claimed that some parties are not comfortable that PAS is quickly emerging as the "strongest Pakatan Rakyat party". He also said PAS' quest to uphold Islam in its truest sense in Malaysia has made the western world and "Islam's enemies" nervous all over the world. Excuse me, is the PAS the strongest Pakatan Rakyat party? Everyone know the title should go to the DAP. Err…PAS still consider itself a member of Pakatan Rakyat? PAS made the world nervous? But I only know the whole world are nervous about IS in Iraq and Syaria that it gives Barrack Obama, David Cameron and other leaders so much sleepless nights.
If you are looking for some jokes to laugh yourself out loud, just read the statements from PAS leaders. They are the best jokers around and of course we do have dear Bung Mokhtar and Ibrahim Ali.

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