Tuesday, 9 September 2014

PAS is the party that can’t be trusted forever

It is time for DAP and PKR as well as fellow Malaysians to admit and face the fact that PAS is the party that can never be trusted to be a component party of any coalition as well as in its commitments and promises. The recent political turmoil in Selangor has once again show the ugly side of PAS as an unreliable party be it to its partners as well as in its ideologies. Aside from that, PAS has also betrayed the trust of fellow Malaysians who voted the party based on its alliance in Pakatan Rakyat in the last general elections.
It is also a shame that PAS president, Hadi Awang is using the good name of his Highness Sultan of Selangor to submit names from his own party rather than the consensus reached between fellow Pakatan partners. Instead of admitting his own lust for power to govern the richest state in Selangor, Hadi should not have given the lame excuse that High Highness the Sultan wanted more than two names from each party, therefore allowing him to name three State Assemblyman from his own party.
If one were to look at the party’s history since its founding until today, it is a party that I would call fickle minded, unreliable and untrustworthy be it towards it coalition partners or in its quest to implement Islamic law in this country. So much so for a party that blames UMNO for all ills in Malaysia, it is PAS that actually create disunity in this country especially among the Malays as well as racial tension.
When the party feels that its political fortune is low, Islamic law and unity talks with UMNO will always be out in the card but it comes to nil at the end of the day. I guess all of us have lost count of how often PAS plays this game. Just not too long ago, Hudud was once again out in the play by PAS and it created a big huh hah in the political scene and died a natural death. Suffice to say that the next time PAS brings this issue out again, fellow Malaysians should just treat it as a bluff to gain political mileage. If we seriously ask PAS politicians how much in depth they know about real Islamic law and its implementation in a multi ethnic and multi religious Malaysia, none of them can give a true answer.
PAS as a party who can never be trusted and never a team player first joined Barisan Nasional in 1974 and were asked to leave after a mere 4 years. Then in the 1989, the party, riding on the fray of UMNO’s internal problem goes into coalition with Tengku Razaleigh’s Semangat 46 and formed Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah but split in 1997 due to many differences. It once again ride on UMNO’s internal problem, the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim to be in Barisan Alternatif, won its biggest ever election victory but the demise of Barisan Alternatif was as quick as its foundation.
It was UMNO’s internal problem once again that PAS joined PKR and DAP to form Pakatan Rakyat shortly before the 2008 general elections but the coalition is never short of problems created by PAS who often clashes with DAP on Hudud matters and now with PKR. Even in Pakatan Rakyat, PAS leaders often flirt with the ideas of unity talk and co-operation with UMNO. So, this is the PAS that only goes into partnership with others when UMNO’s fortune is low as we have seen from 1980s till this day. One should ask, how sincere is PAS’s commitment to its partners?
If one party can’t even be sincere to its partners and stay throughout thick and thin, then how about its sincerity to fellow Malaysians who put their trust in it and voted for the party? What is PAS’s actual contribution to this country and to all Malaysians? What is the actual development that PAS brings to this county? Given fair evaluation, it is a party that does nothing significant even when given the power to govern and a party that can never be trusted on its promises, be it to its own partners in any coalition that it was in and currently in. Can we still trust PAS? The answer is a firm NO.

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